jeudi 1 mars 2012

New version DoF Viewer 2.10

Une Mise à jour pour DoF Viewer
- Une nouvelle fonctionnalité permet de calculer l'angle de champs

Attention, Pour ceux qui possède l'ancienne application il semble que DoF Viewer ne se lance pas correctement. Il faut desinstaller (supprimer) l'ancienne application avant de faire la mise à jour.
Je regarde pour regler le problème !
Si vous avez déjà mise à jour l'application, il suffit de la supprimer puis de la "rechager"
Désolé pour ce désagrement.
New update for DoF Viewer 
- A new functionnality added to calculate the Angle of View

Warning, it seems there is some troubles during the update of the application for people using a previous version. Workaround is to un-install (removed) the application before updating for the new version. Sorry for the inconvenience, I'm looking for to fix the problem !
If you already updated the app, simply removed the application and reload it again.

9 commentaires:

  1. I just installed your app and I LOVE IT! I think there might be a bug or maybe I'm not understanding the graph view: Sometimes the green bar (showing area in focus in front and behind subject) does not match with the numerical data. For Example: Using Canon 5D MkII, 50mm, 8'2" distance at f/16, the bar shows a large area "in front" of the white line (subject) and only a tiny bit "in back" even though there should be only 2'8" in focus in front and 7'7" in back. Minor issue but the app would be even more fantastic if fixed. I LOVE this app!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. I found one more minor issue with the app (which I still love, by the way)..on the iPhone version, swiping between the DoF Graph page and Field of View page works great if Focal is set to 80mm or less. If set to 85mm or greater, the distance will change when swiping between those pages. iPad seems to work fine at all Focal lengths. I'm using iPhone 4S with latest version (5.1) IOS. Regards...

  3. Hello ptphillips,

    Thanks for your feedback and happy you love this app !
    To answer yours questions, the behaviour you described is not a bug (maybe a minor issue, depends how you see it !) Let's me explain : In fact, the graph view showing the focus in front and behind are not linked, it means the scale is different for "front" and for "behind". To calculate the scale for the "front", I take the maximum front value (from f/1 to f/64), the same for the "behind", I take the maximum behind value (before infinity) and then I "draw" the graph view according to the two maximum values. As the "behind" value is greater than the "front", it could appear than the the behind green bar is smaller than the front whereas the distance is greater ... but it is the only way I found to quickly indentify where is the aperture value which gives the hyperfocal distance. If I took the same scale for "front" and "behind" it will not be so obvious. Hope it answers your question.

    Concerning, the second one. I agree the interface is quite confusing but it is the only way I found to do what I wanted. In field of view mode, I want to use the full range of distance (from 0'2" to infinity) whatever the selected focal (contrary to DoF mode where distance range is linked to focal). It is why when you are in field of view mode, the distance range is selected via the cursor "Distance Range", so depending of the configuration (focal vs "distance range" choice), the distance can change when swiping between the two modes. Hope it helps !

    By the way, if you find it is a great app, don't hesitate to leave a small comment on the app store ;-)

  4. Hi Arnaud,

    Thank you for making this great app.
    It's always with me on my shoots (on my iPhone) and I use it during my planning stages as well (on my iPad).
    The only request I have is if you could update the camera database to include new models such as the Nikon D800/D800E, Nikon D4 and Canon D5mk3.
    (There might be other cameras missing from manufacturers like Sony, Pentax,... but I'm not that familiar with their latest lineup)
    Anyway, it's a lovely application and I hope a lot of people buy it.

  5. Hello John,

    Thank you for your feedback. Happy that you like and use the application. I plan to release a new update in the coming weeks (I can not give you a date but it will come !)
    The update will include the new cameras from Nikon, canon, Sony ...
    I expect as well to improve the user interface for the Iphone version, especially concerning the distance selection via the slider. Stay tuned !



  6. Bonjour,

    Felicitations pour cette application qui est tres pratique.
    Je tenais à vous signaler un bug que j'ai relevé concernant la page de calcul des angles. Lorsque je compare le Canon 5D avec le Canon 600 D, le calcul des angles pour le Canon 600 D comme caméra 2 est faux, alors que si je fais le calcul avec le Canon 600D comme seule caméra, le calcul est juste.

    Comment corriger ce problème ?

    Makha Sy

    1. Bonjour,

      Merci pour votre retour. Je prends en compte votre remarque. Je travaille actuellement sur une mise a jour de l'application avec une interface "flat" et quelques nouveautés ... Je ne peux pas me prononcer sur une date... mais c'est en cours ! Je corrigerai le problème avec cette mise à jour.